Announcing our book ...

... "The Black Dollar"

We are pleased to announce we are doing a book about the history of race and money in our country. We are examining private and public actions that have affected the economic well-being of Black Americans and sharing multi-generational individual stories. The book, to be published by HarperCollins, will be called “The Black Dollar.”

Many of you know us, but in case you don’t:

We are longtime journalists who have covered business and social issues and who have also worked to make news more accessible to the broader public. Ebony has worked in many regions of the country; Louise is based in New York. We share a special interest in the financial crisis of 2008, which Louise covered on the banking side at The New York Times and Ebony covered on the homeowner and local side at The Detroit News. We are both students of American history.

We hope our project will spur positive conversation in society. We’ll share information along the way. We welcome your thoughts. 

As a start, we thought you’d enjoy this image of us interviewing Ambassador Andrew Young in Atlanta.